Weekly Goodness: Week 14

Well top of the morning to you strangers! How bad of a blogger have I been?? Ugh I’m so sorry, I have been a little bit busy at work and with the current class I am taking. Nevertheless, I love blogging so much and hate when I can’t get around to sharing some goodness with you all. But thank you all for sticking with me :)

I’m happy to share some of my random goodness with you all today! Last weekend Nick & I traveled to my stomping grounds to meet up with my family and my in-laws for the Gopher/Hawkeye game and we had such a blast. Having both of our families together is an indescribable feeling. Living in different states, it is such a rare occurrence, so I soak up as much as I can. Also sharing some Holiday inspiration because I am so excited to decorate and participate in some festivities! Bring on the Holiday cheer!! Throw in some workouts I did this week, my obsession with apple pie spice, flavoring water, and flax seed and we are SET! Side note: this package of flax seed has lasted me almost 3 months and I add some to every smoothie I make. The health benefits of it are a no brainer!






IMG_5874 IMG_5885

IMG_5884 IMG_5886

lower body




Have such a wonderful weekend all! I have TWO really fun December challenges coming up. You won’t want to miss these :)





Weekly Goodness: Take 13

Friday Friday YAY it’s Friday! I’m just a tad bit excited today :) We are seeing my family this weekend and nothing makes me happier than time with our families!! I hope you all have a fun weekend planned out. Jumping right into this weeks Goodness. Nothing too exciting to share, but I ventured into my camera roll to find some fun things to share with you from this week. Overall, it has been a very busy week as always, but good busy! Nick and I are getting really excited for the Holiday season and have started Christmas shopping and planning out some events, tis the season!!

We are leaving our pups behind this weekend so I loved on them a little more than usual this week. I’m not sure who suffers from separation anxiety more, Miss Daisy, Guinness Boy…. or me. YES I am absolutely that crazy dog lady and I’m not ashamed 😉 We stayed in bed a little longer this morning to cuddle these precious little fur babies. Can you tell Guinness is upset in the second picture? He lets his emotions be known!




Next up is some Fall comfort. Loving these fall flowers from the hubby, candles, little sign, and comfort food! Breakfast for dinner is going to be on repeat for awhile, I love scrambled eggs with hummus and spinach, and whole wheat waffles and lets not forget the pumpkin muffins I shared with you all last week. Love them!




Lastly is just some other goodness from this week. My face has been breaking out SO bad so I picked up a few face masks and they are helping a lot with dry skin from the weather changing! I really liked this mask, but it was a little intense for my sensitive skin so I kept it on for just half of the time they recommend. These individual masks are really cheap at Target. I got to send out two new workout programs this week that I am so excited for two awesome women to start on Monday. Throw in some dark chocolate (you should probably grab these bark thins the next time you are checking out at Target A-M-A-ZING), workouts, and quotes for the week and we are set!







Have a wonderful weekend!!! <3

Crockpot BBQ Chicken

Well hello! Coming to you today with a ridiculously quick and super delicious Crockpot BBQ Chicken recipe I tried last Sunday. I knew once Nick got home from his weekend away we would be catching up with each other and preparing for the week ahead so I did not want to worry about dinner.  I spent all of 5 minutes mixing the ingredients in the crockpot, put the lid on and went on with my day. About 20 minutes before we were going to eat I opened the crockpot to shred the chicken apart with two forks, and let the meat soak up the goodness for another 15 minutes before we dug in.


We both loved it! Like L-O-V-E-D it <– did you get that extra feeling of how good it was from me capitalizing LOVED there?? Oh yayy 😉 it was really that good! We had the chicken on whole wheat buns for sandwiches but you could add this meat to a wrap, salad, or eat it by itself.  I was thinking this would be such an easy one for families who are running from event to event to try on a weekend being you cook it in the crockpot for 3-4 hours. Nick had two sandwiches and I had one, but added some extra meat on my plate to eat on its own. We still had left overs for Nick to take for lunch on Monday (just to give you an idea of how much 2 chicken breasts makes) This is just another way to incorporate healthy chicken breasts into your meals. FullSizesRender


Crockpot BBQ Chicken


  • 2 lbs boneless, skinless chicken breasts (thawed out)
  • 1 cup BBQ sauce
  • 1/4 cup Italian dressing
  • 1/4 cup brown sugar
  • 1 tbsp. Worcestershire sauce


  1. Place chicken breasts in crockpot
  2. In a mixing bowl combine BBQ sauce, Italian dressing, brown sugar, and Worcestershire sauce. Stir it all up
  3. Pour mixture over chicken, cover and cook on HIGH for 3-4 hours
  4. 20 Minutes before eating, shred the chicken apart with 2 forks if you would like it shredded and cover it back up to cook in the sauce for another 10-15 minutes

Enjoy :)


“How can I get rid of my belly fat”

***Much more importantly I want to first take the time to remember all of the special men and women who have served this beautiful country. Today should be a day full of realization and complete gratitude by all. Millions of Men & Women give/gave their life to serve our country, sacrificing everything they have so the rest of us can live the life we decide to live every single day. THANK YOU***

Hi friends! Did you all have a good weekend? Just when I’m getting back in the groove of things, today is already Wednesday. I’m perfectly okay with that! This last weekend was pretty great. Nick was up North for deer opener and let me just say, coming home to a clean house, all laundry done AND folded, and flowers on the table Friday evening after work was very nice… can it be deer opener more often? 😉 I was able to spend the weekend checking some things off my list and spending some far overdue time with a great friend! I did some planning this last weekend as well, planning for posts I have wanted to do on My Goodness and this one has moved to the top of my list.

With the personalized fitness plans I have been doing for so many awesome people, a certain type of question seems to be asked very often when we are first communicating about what kind of plan I will be designing for that specific person. “How can I get rid of my belly fat” “I hate my arms and do tons of bicep curls, why are they not gaining muscle” “I did a core challenge last month and saw zero results, why not” “nothing I do is helping my legs tone up, what can I try”

photo 3-27 FullSizeRender (3)

I’m sharing my personal experience with these exact same questions I used to ask myself constantly! The above picture on the left was me almost a year ago.  I worked out just as much, if not more then I do now, and had pretty good eating habits for the most part. I could feel myself hit a plateau in my fitness and I was motivated and excited to set and reach some new goals, so I had to evaluate what wasn’t working for me.  I would concentrate on ONE “trouble” area and focus majority of my workouts on that area. I focused WAY too much on what I didn’t love about myself and only wanted to workout those trouble areas to make them better. BOY was I wrong.

Before I move on to the second picture let me clarify something first. I know I am not overweight or unhealthy in the first picture.  I was happy with my body at that time and was ready to switch it up to something new, to challenge myself. This isn’t a post to compare my body to anyone else’s body, I am comparing myself to MYSELF and sharing my knowledge on what works for those stubborn areas we all have. I still have many many goals to reach and I am a constant work in progress.  This method I am sharing is proving itself with the results I am seeing on women of all different ages, shapes, and sizes and it’s really exciting!  We are all built so differently and our bodies are all beautifully unique in our own ways. You could be 19 and loving college, 21 and enjoying life, 25 and pregnant, 30 and learning to love your post baby body, 40 and starting cross fit, or 60 and embracing your bodies changes. Whatever stage you are in, learn to love your body and find what works and doesn’t work for it in order to reach your goals.

Now on to the second picture. This was taken last week. Taking my interest for health and fitness to a new level and actually understanding the science behind why certain strategies work and why others do not work has been a huge help for me. I want to pass that knowledge on to YOU, or at least some of it! You cannot do 100 sit ups a day and expect to shed all of your belly fat, whipping out 300 tricep dips each week and will not get you toned triceps. Your body is a full package and in order to improve one area, you have to love on the other areas as well.  Kind of like relationships, if you only focus on all of the bad, pretty soon the good will turn to bad as well.

 My change throughout my fitness & nutrition lifestyle in the last year has consisted of a solid and strong lifting program that targets every single body area, eating clean 90% of the time, indulging in moderation, adding variety to my cardio, cutting my cardio in half, fitting in targeting challenges each month, staying realistic and keeping if FUN! Now lets discuss each of these “briefly” These are all things that anyone can do if you dedicate yourself to a healthy lifestyle change. I’m not spending HOURS each day working out, I’m not spending hundreds of dollars a week on healthy foods. This is all in reach for most who are ready for a change!

Strong lifting program– Nick and I started a lifting program a little over a year ago that I have been incorporating in some way within all of my fitness programs for others because I believe in it that much. We target two different body parts each day and really dominate those areas on that day, for example: Day 1 is Chest & Tri, Day 2 is Back & Bi and so on. This way we are targeting those “trouble areas” but also building strength all around to help with all areas. No matter what other challenge or program we may be trying out, this lifting program is constant, everything else is an add on to this. It was crazy to me that when I started lifting exercises for my back, that my core got stronger and when I focused on leg lifts, my flexibility and running form improved. It’s all hand in hand. And NO, if you lift you won’t become the Hulk, I promise!!

Eating clean 90% of the time– I have really learned that when I eat right, I feel right! Indulging in moderation is part of my life and I love that :) But eating clean majority of the time has been a big part of the results I have experienced. Just don’t buy the junk and you won’t eat it!

Adding Variety into my cardio– Sprint workouts, runs on incline, stair climber, elliptical, long walk with puppies, HIIT workouts. CHANGE IT UP! If your body gets too comfortable with your cardio, it doesn’t have to work as hard to keep up with you so not near as many calories are burned. I am also a strong believer that high intensity interval training is so much more effective when compared to jumping on the treadmill and running two miles at the same pace. You don’t have to spend an hour on the elliptical to burn a huge amount of calories and build muscle. Test out some 5-20 minute HIIT workouts and be amazing with your results :) I have preached it before, but with these HIIT cardio workouts, your body continues to burn calories HOURS after you are doing working out, thats amazing!!

Target Challenges– Don’t get me wrong, you can do extra things to target those trouble areas, just do not focus only on those areas. For instance this month I am running a Core challenge. This is combined with my regular lifting workouts, to really hit my core area hard this month.

Staying Realistic & Having Fun– These two things are a deal breaker for me! I am hard on myself so missed workouts used to be just the beginning of being upset with myself and feeling down, which led to working out not being fun.  LIFE happens! It is OKAY to miss a workout or to eat a cupcake 😉 Just regroup and jump back on the wagon! Doing partner workouts, taking some fitness classes, or preparing meals with your spouse are great ways to keep health and fitness fun!

I hope this helps some of you who are asking yourself the questions I asked myself a year ago! Remember, you are a whole and beautiful package!!


Pumpkin Spice Muffins

Happy Saturday :) I have some good news, this Saturday, meaning TODAY, RIGHT now, just so happens to be a great day to have a great day! Whatever is bothering you, weighing heavy on your heart, or getting in the way of your happiness, give your mind a break for today and just listen to T Swift and shake it off, just shake it off!


Today I am sharing the easiest muffins you will ever make! When I was in high school I went over to my Grandma’s and she had these amazing muffins cooling, fresh out of the oven. I of course dug in and OH my gosh, over 7 years later and I am still obsessed. Then she told me it was a Weight Watchers recipe. WHAT? Even more obsessed!


I have been making these babies every Fall for years and everyone who tries them, loves them! I sent some up North with my Husband this weekend to share with the guys at deer camp, I probably should have doubled the batch because these are so addicting, they will be gone in no time. Can I just take a second to admire my Grandma’s hand written recipe? When I moved away from home one request I had of my Grandma was to write out some of my favorite recipes of hers, in her handwriting for me. I cherish these so much and will have them forever <3


Now go to the store and buy a can of pumpkin, box of spice cake mix, chopped walnuts, and milk if you do not have any! I promise you, you will not be disappointed with these. I sprinkled some cinnamon and sugar on top of the muffins for this weekend for the guys :)


Have a great Saturday :)

Weekly Goodness: Take 12 Camera Roll Addition

Friday is here and I couldn’t be happier about that fact! It’s been a week full of craziness, but that seems to be becoming our normal :) Nick is away this weekend for deer hunting opener and this girl is ready for a relaxing weekend. By relaxing I mean cleaning the house, getting caught up on laundry, class all day Saturday, and finishing off some workout plans BUT those are all things I do not mind. I will be fitting in some actual relaxation with the puppies and some time with friends as well so 5:00pm can come as quick as it would like! WOOHOO to those of you who are taking on my November core challenge! You are all doing so great and I love hearing from you along the way, keep it up!!

Switching up my Weekly Goodness this week and doing a camera roll addition :) There are a lot of things in this last crazy week that make the “goodness” list so here we go! Have such a great start to your weekend all, and take a second to sit with yourself and think of 5 things you are thankful for! Five things you have been blessed with. These five things, someone somewhere else in the world would do ANYTHING to have, cherish your blessings. It’s easy…. 5 things….. Me: My health, the ability to treat myself to a coffee when I need a pick me up, my comfy bed, having a mother I can always turn to, my husband. Your turn!

Real quick reminder: today is the last day to get 20% off at Chic Avenue Boutique with code: MYGOODNESS take advantage ladies, their stuff is such great quality and very affordable.

Alrighty here is some Halloween fun, this weeks motivation, eats, friends, and puppy cuddles













Chic Avenue Boutique!

Good Morning & Happy Monday to YOU! I hope you had a great weekend and are ready to jump into this new week.  It is absolutely crazy to me that it’s NOVEMBER already?? I’m loving this Fall weather and everything that comes along with it. What is even more crazy to me is that we only have 7 more of these little Monday’s before we are celebrating Christmas with our family & friends. WHAT?!? Holiday parties, family gatherings, gift giving to our loved ones, volunteering, cookie baking, eggnog drinking… it is all so close :) You are either loving me or hating me for bringing up Christmas already but don’t worry, we are very fresh into November and get to spend of month of being extra thankful first!

Speaking of being extra thankful, I want to introduce you all to two really sweet women and their really awesome boutique! I am very thankful to have partnered up with these two :) You know those really cute online boutiques that pop up throughout social media and the clothing is so incredibly cute but then when you actually check out the websites they are either crazy expensive or shipping takes 10 weeks or some kind of nonsense?? WELL I have found that super cute online boutique and there are no gimmicks! I cannot believe how inexpensive and what great quality Chic Avenue offers. I’m in love <3 It’s too good not to share with you all, especially around the Holiday season.


Krista & Jill are sisters who have always dreamed of having their own store. They followed their passion and have brought the dream to life! Krista & Jill both have their own style and it shows throughout their clothing and accessories line at Chic Avenue Boutique. They know that every body is different and their clothing reflects that. Chic Avenue is aimed to provide an easy and inexpensive shopping experience for every woman which is why they have started with their online shop.  Follow Chic Avenue Boutique on Instagram & Facebook! If you are local, you can catch them at some Expo’s! Now lets talk about their clothing…



I had the pleasure of partnering up with Chic Avenue & these two sisters :) They were wonderful to work with and such sweet ladies. I was so excited when my package arrived and instantly busted into all the goodness I was sent. I literally wore Chic Avenue clothing for three days in a row because I had to test these outfits out and I was so impressed. The Midwest is Best shirt is adorable and super stretchy material, which is always a bonus. It runs true to size and has really great length to it! I will be pairing this baby up with skinny jeans, boots, and a blazer to work or throwing it on with leggings and a sports-bra for a workout.




I also received these adorable reindeer leggings and grey tunic. Looking for the perfect tunic? HERE it is. I love it!! And these leggings, ummmm lets just say they are the most stretchy and soft things in my wardrobe now :) I’m also obsessed with this cardigan and it’s been on repeat since my package arrived! Can’t get enough.


Ready for the great news that will make your Monday a little brighter?? Chic Avenue Boutique is offering my followers 20% off now through Friday!! What?? You guys, seriously take advantage of this. They have such cute stuff that would make some great Christmas gifts **hint hint mother 😉 ** and 20% off is a really great deal being they are already very affordable.  I can’t wait to order this Fringe Scarf and cardigan this week. When you visit Chic Avenue Boutique HERE just enter code: MYGOODNESS at checkout to receive your 20% off. Thank you to Krista & Jill for working with My Goodness to share some of the goodness going on at Chic Avenue!!

I hope you all have a great start to your week!


November Core Challenge

Happy November beauties!! There is nothing like the feeling of a fresh month :) So many opportunities to refocus your goals and make yourself proud!! For the month of November, I have put together a core challenge for myself and I would love for you to join in on this fun. As always, I encourage you to do whatever works for YOU.  Add this challenge in to your regular routine, take on this challenge by itself, or just refer to this challenge for some core work throughout the month. Also, EVERY single one of these moves can be modified. Feel free to contact me if you personally need anything modified, or have any questions. I have combined some killer core exercises that are not just your typical sit ups and crunch. With every single one of these moves, your core should stay tight throughout the entire exercise. Each day should be completed with zero rest between moves. Be sure not to move through the workouts too quickly where you are not fully completing the moves. WOOHOO lets tighten up that core!! December’s challenge will be a FULL body challenge so work hard through this November challenge to help you prepare for December!!


Start this month out strong!! The Holiday season can be so hard to stay healthy and in line with your goals. Challenge yourself to a challenge like this to keep yourself accountable motivated, and feeling GREAT, while still indulging in the fun holiday goodies (in moderation of course) 😉 Happy November to YOU!!!


My Goodness 1 Year Anniversary

Happy Weekend!! I’m turning this weeks regular “Weekly Goodness” post into a post I have been so excited for. MY GOODNESS 1 YEAR ANNIVERSARY CELEBRATION! I really cannot believe I have had My Goodness going for 1 year already. What started out as a fun way to post some workouts and health tips and keep myself accountable has transformed to such a strong passion of mine. I have really grown to love the blogging community and all the friendships I have made. This blog means so much to me for so many different reasons and I have all of you to thank for that.


It took me a very long time to completely put My Goodness out there for ALL to see. For so long, the only people on a personal level who knew about this blog were Nick and my Mom :) Still two of my biggest fans, supporting everything I do…. thank you both for reading all of my posts and being my only followers for months while I got the hang of it all! I was scared and honestly a little insecure to completely put myself out there.  I knew I had this deep love for health and fitness and wanted so badly to help others but didn’t want anyone to question my true intentions and judge me. A fear I am SO glad I got over!! One thing I have learned is to accept the fact that some people are never going to be for you, and guess what, THAT is okay!! I will always treat everyone with respect, but I have thankfully learned I do not need the approval of every single person in my life, to fulfill my destiny. Sharing this blog has opened so many doors I didn’t even realize were available and is actively helping many dreams of mine come true.  I have been able to be a small part of some amazing peoples health and fitness journey, meet some of the most inspiring and motivated people in my life, begin to turn my passion into a second income career for my family, and document some of our goodness along the way. Something I did not realize until putting this post together is how much I have personally benefited physically since I started this blog. I am the healthiest I have ever been and didn’t even notice it until doing some reflecting. Helping others absolutely brings out the best ME in every way! Getting a thank you card in the mail for helping a beautiful woman feel confident again, or hearing from a best friend who is so excited to be 10 lbs below her PRE-pregnancy weight just 3 months after giving birth, or just seeing a brighter smile on a co-workers face after reminding her of how great it can feel to make yourself a priority again, THAT is what makes me happy and THOSE things are why I’m so thankful for this blog.


Before starting this post, I went back to my very first post on My Goodness and did a little year in review :) seriously…. MY GOODNESS, how it has developed throughout the last year and thank goodness because some of those first posts were ROUGH to say the least. Below I have linked some of the highlights on the blog throughout my first year. Doing this, I realized one of the top reasons I love this experience so much. It is really neat having a lot of my life documented to go back and read about. I know as the years go on and memories fade, I will be so happy I have some of these times documented.


Lower Body Challenge

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Overnight Oats

I want to thank all of you who support & enjoy My Goodness! Knowing I can help even one person with a workout, recipe, fitness tips, bible verse, or sharing some my random goodness makes it all worth it.  Knowing that over 300 people have signed up to get an email every time I post, just so they can keep up with my blog is such a humbling feeling. I have so many fun plans for the blog in the next few months and can’t wait to continue my monthly fitness challenges (Novembers core challenge is posting soon), try new recipes, share some awesome partnerships with you all, and continue to grow my health and fitness business. All of this possible because I decided to take a leap of faith with what I feel I’m truly made to do! A little sappy, I know! But I am excited, proud, and so grateful!!!! It has only just begun.

Thank you!!

Easy as 1-2-3 Weekly Lunch Prep

This cooler weather is making cold wraps, salads, and smoothies not as appealing as usual for this girl! Don’t get me wrong, I still love and indulge in all of the above, but we have been throwing in some warm lunch dishes as well.

Not reinventing the wheel here by any means, but Sunday I did some lunch prep for our week and it’s just too easy and healthy not to share with you. I spent maybe 20 minutes tops preparing 4 lunches for the week and they are tasting so delicious and WARM :) This quick go to is so simple, healthy, and can be changed by adding different sauces to each serving.


Ready for it??? 1) Make some brown rice 2) Steam up some veggies & add to the rice 3) portion out in lunch containers and add your favorite sauce for extra flavor (try to pick a sauce low in sodium) One of my challengers and I did this with a peanut sauce and WOW we are both obsessed :) so good!



Boomshakalaka! Grab your container and heat it up at work. Surprisingly, these are rather filling as well. I put 1 cup of the mixture in each lunch container. What are some of you favorite and super easy lunch prep meals?